Kiley & Cody's Winter Wedding

It's no surprise that I love shooting weddings in Leavenworth. Especially small intimate ones like Kiley & Cody's. These guys had their style and heart popping off in every one of these photos. No other wedding looks quite like theirs, does it? Sure, there's been a million cabin weddings but each well-placed decoration, every shirt tucked and tie tightened gives their images a unique look. Because they made it. I know I'm the photographer and I should be all like "I make magic happen" or whatever but, I can't photograph what's not there, you know? I don't do set-ups, I don't photoshop, I just capture what I see, or try to at least. I use certain lenses to help show how I or the moment feels but I'm still just showing the moment in front of me.

I think that's why I enjoy small weddings so much. Every image I take shows us things they have put work into. THEY are the ones that really made the magic happen.

It goes to show that when you express yourself, the way you want, with the ones you love, you truly get something special.