Year in Review

selections from 2022


This is a growing collection of images from my 2022 wedding season. A grab-bag of personal favorites and new discoveries. It's fun to watch how this collection grows. A wedding season flies by so fast that I don't really get a chance to appreciate what was captured over the year. I hope you enjoy this collection as well!

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Bride in wedding dress standing in front of Siren Song Winery in Chelan, WA
Multi-cultural outdoor wedding in Leavenworth, WA
Backyard outdoor wedding Chelan, WA
Bride & groom share a dance Leavenworth
Wedding Ring details in flower bush.  Wedding photography Chelan and Leavenworth.
reverend walking towards wedding alter before a prayer to Jesus Christ
Macro image of wedding ring amongst colorful flowers
Wedding dress on hanger in Leavenworth
outdoor backyard Christian wedding in Chelan