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My Name is Brandon Lovejoy

Simply put — I love photography

I started this adventure once my wife and I found out we were gonna have our second child. This little "noodle" beside me. I felt an overwhelming drive to overcome some personal limitations and anxieties to secure a better life for my growing family and oh my god, has it been worth it!

I started having an interest in photography way back in high school. Back then, in 2000, digital cameras were expensive and hard to come by. So, if we wanted to capture memories we had to rely on disposable cameras. Our school had a really neat photography class with its own darkroom and printing set-up. You'd see these kids walking around with awesome-looking cameras, taking pictures that were displayed outside the class. It all looked so cool to me. I had to get in on that class and that gear! In 2005 I got my first digital camera and I've been snapping ever since.

Growing up, my family couldn't really afford to take a lot of pictures. So I try to take a lot. Actually, to be honest it's a little sad how few "old" family photos I have. I think that's a big reason why I migrated toward wedding photography. Instead of the fashion/boudoir world. Digital cameras allow me to capture an important and often impressive moment in someone's life. And those images can last forever. They can be shared in an instant. They can be carried with you where ever you go. It's amazing!

A day in the life

I'm not really sure what else to say here. I'd love to talk more about art and photography but I can save that for some other time besides, that conversation is way better over coffee. I hope these samplings will help you understand what I see and what I think is worthy of capture.