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My Name is Brandon Lovejoy

I started this adventure once my wife and I found out we were gonna have our second child. This little "noodle" beside me. I felt an overwhelming drive to overcome some personal limitations and anxieties to secure a better life for my growing family and oh my god, has it been worth it!

2021 Gallery

Simply put — I love photography

I dreamed of starting a portrait studio. when I was younger. Thinking how cool it would be to shoot fashion and boudoir in some brick-walled loft in Seattle or Chicago, making millions and living posh as hell lol

It's funny how much a person's interests and goals can change, over time. I got into all this with such a million-dollar attitude but that just isn't who I am. You'll see that my prices are a bit lower than the industry "average" and that's done on purpose. I also only take a handful of weddings a year because I found that instead of chasing tails and cars, what I really want in life is simply to create beautiful things and to be with my family.

Over the last 6 years, I think I've finally discovered the right combination of gear, nerves and heart required to capture the world as I see it and that's the real reason you're here right now. You enjoy the way I see things.

My world is often a vibrant display of jubilance and reverence. I like to think that my images have a playful expression that's mixed with a little bit of seriousness. A colorful levity contrasted with dramatic shadows that remind us just how important love really is.

A day in the life

I'm not really sure what else to say here. I'd love to talk more about art and photography but I can save that for some other time besides, that conversation is way better over coffee. I hope these samplings will help you understand what I see and what I think is worthy of capture.