A Backyard Wedding at its Finest

So this little wedding took place on my old stomping grounds, Camano Island. I spent so much time on that small wooden island. I grew up on land in a rural town called Stanwood. Growing up, it felt like everything that was fun to do and everyone you wanted to hang out with was on Camano Island. There isn't anything special about it It's another forested island located in Puget Sound and the Sound is chock full of islands like this. So, what made this place special to me? Well...I think it had to be: all the crab and shellfish, my first kiss, the girlfriends, and the late nights with friends. It's really the memories I have that mark it so special to me. So much living, so much loss and love. It was the ground I walked on during some of the most significant moments of my life.

That's why, to me, it felt so appropriate to shoot a wedding there. I normally wouldn't travel so far but my nostalgia won me over.

I was so pleased to capture a thousand little moments for this couple on such a wonderful island.

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