Ingalls Creek Outdoor Wedding

I absolutely love the Leavenworth area. Each year I get more and more requests to photograph weddings and engagements in the Wenatchee National Forest and I couldn’t be happier about that. Leavenworth, and pretty much all of the Cascade Mountain Range, provides year-round, awe-inspiring views bathed in seasonal colors, charming Bavarian eats, epic fishing and enough hiking trails to put your most obnoxious hiking friends to shame.

If you are interested in the area, or outdoor weddings in general, do give Leavenworth, a Google. I’m often shooting along Icicle Creek, Ingalls Creek or up at Brown Family Homestead but I also just shot a wedding at the Wenatchee River Institute and with Airbnb rentals, the possibilities are endless.

Get comfy 'cause there's a lot of pictures here!

Groomsmen at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue
colorful pattern wedding suit at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue
Bridesmaids First Look at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue
First Look at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue
First Look at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue
Bride & Groom at Ingalls Creek outdoor wedding venue

From Ingalls website

"...Ingalls Creek is a retreat and training center designed to equip thousands of Christians in the Pacific Northwest who seek to fulfill their life’s purpose and significantly impact the communities where they live, work, and serve.

We call this “confluence” – where the divided energy of life comes together as a single, powerful, current of meaning, purpose, and joyful community.

A place where

  • Young adults embrace a biblical worldview that shapes their vision for life.
  • Working men and women come to recognize their work in light of God’s work.
  • People of all ages move from fragmented living to more meaningful and fruitful lives.

With 30 years of experience teaching people how to integrate their faith, work, and calling, Ingalls Creek is uniquely equipped to come alongside people in times of transition, helping them reclaim, restore, and renew their lives."