Jodi & Chris

I loved my time with these two. You never really know what to expect on the day of a wedding. Sometimes the weather isn't very good or someone or something is running late. S0metimes, even tensions run high but, these two brought so much personality and charm to the mix that all fears and nerves were calmed and the day went swimmingly.

I had never been to the Chelan Airport before. My brother-in-law did some SKYDIVING there once but I never would have imagined that a wedding could take place there. I'm so used to villas or vineyards that an open field or a plane hanger seemed too open, too big but Chris and his family are all seasoned aviators and lovers of the open sky. So they brought a family plane to the ceremony and everyone worked extremely hard to make the wedding location simply perfect. It was so freaking cool to photograph the planes and dramatic fly-bys they had planned during the ceremony. This wedding really brought out the kid in me and it was a wonderful experience to be amongst such relaxed and funny loving people as these.

Thank you, Jodi and Chris. It was a wedding I won't soon forget.

Brides dress
Bride getting hair styled