Brandon Lovejoy


Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Brandon Lovejoy and I just cant get enough of photography. I started this company once my wife and I found out we were pregnant again. I felt an overwhelming drive to overcome personal limitations and anxieties to secure a better life for my growing family.

I’ve never been good at talking about myself so I’ll keep this short. I prefer to express myself through music or images, words take too long lol. I got my first camera in 2005 and that little 5mp Fuji camera started it all. I dreamed of starting a studio then but it would take a very long personal journey through hell and back to find myself and to find the images that capture the world as I see it. I am not a pose driven photographer in fact the moment I see an image as posed, I reject it. I want my imagery to encapsulate the context and emotion being displayed at any given moment. In some cases I must pose but it’s only ever a second thought, a finishing touch to something already present. This is the point where I start making less and less sense and get all meta about the act and drama of photography and it’s inability to be objective… So, Instead of musing about the responsibility of photographers to translate sensor information into an honest narrative, let me just show you my world.

Here’s some images from my day to day life. I’m not the best at these bio pages so I figure what better way for you to get to know me then to see the world through my eyes.