We want to celebrate our bodies together and learn to let go of judgment and criticism.

And we want to have fun being naked!

Aly ~ My Wife

My wife and I started a blog called!!!

Positively Ourselves.

My wife Aly started it all. She has been such a source of inspiration and a cornerstone in my education on empathy and compassion. Working with her as been a rewarding and eye-opening experience. To learn about other people's struggles and experiences is humbling. It's amazing how much we all have in common.

Our upcoming body-positive adventure will be our attempt to be a positive influence and cathartic resource for all those who feel judged without really being seen.

We're trying to be as inclusive as we can but Aly and I live in a small rural community... So it's been difficult but with our upcoming Submissions Page, we will be able to reach a much wider audience and a much bigger conversation.

Our system is this. Aly loving interviews honest, vulnerable people about their experiences with body image. The good, the bad and the shitty. Together, Aly and I craft a personal photoshoot, be it fashion, boudoir or nude art, around our client's sensibilities and insecurities. We craft our shoot together to challenge the insidious criticism of our modern culture.

Also, I'd like to talk, someday, about my side of this body-positive experience. I'd like to show some BTS footage and details about the technical and ethical side of being a photographer in the world of boudoir but for now, I will recommend you visit my wife's page, www.positivelyourselves.com, to learn more about our project.

Body positive nude art.  Naked woman looking into mirror.  Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
Beautiful hippy woman one-piece bodysuit lingerie posing with her hairy arm pits for body positivity
Beautiful plus-sized model in black lingerie for body positive photoshoot.  Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer

The end result with Positively Ourselves is a journey wherein anxious nerves are calmed and true beauty is celebrated.

"We want the world to know that everyone is uniquely beautiful and that every body should be celebrated and photographed with love and respect."