Last Year

In the early weeks of 2021, my wife and I started a photography project. We found ourselves in agreement, regarding the current state of boudoir/art nude photography. We talked and talked about how disingenuous this whole "empowerment" movement seems to us and that the marketing put forth feels, almost, like peer pressure. I felt as if each post of "encouragement" for body positivity was set with heavy undertones that if you don't get naked for print or social media, like everyone else, then you aren't empowered.

We found ourselves wanting something more from the boudoirs. We understand the personal growth that accompanies one who challenges their insecurities but we want something that doesn't change everything about a person's looks or strips away the charm that makes them "them". We want bodies to be beautiful and free.

So we started a blog called

Positively Ourselves.

We wanted to produce engaging content that would allow for more conversations about our bodies to take place. Aly interviews people to ask them about their experiences with body image, we then craft a shoot around that person and their sensibilities. The end result is a journey wherein nerves are calmed and our beauty is celebrated.

It's been a truly rewarding and eye-opening experience, to learn about people's struggles. I'd like to talk more about my side of this body-positive experience and show some BTS footage and details about the technical and ethical side of being a photographer but for now, I will recommend you visit my wife's page,, to learn more about our project.

We want to celebrate our bodies together and learn to let go of judgment and criticism.

And we want to have fun being naked!

Aly ~ My Wife
Body positive nude art.  Naked woman looking into mirror.  Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
Beautiful plus-sized model in black lingerie for body positive photoshoot.  Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
laughing woman in one-piece bodysuit lingerie posing with her hairy arm pits for body positivity
naked and free Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
Aly Lovejoy creator of the Positively Ourselves blog posing in beauty lingerie for body positive photoshoot
Naked yoga Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
two body types practicing naked yoga in body positivity photoshoot.  Lovejoy Images and Positively Ourselves.
Beautiful hippy woman one-piece bodysuit lingerie posing with her hairy arm pits for body positivity
woman talking about social pressure towards pubic hair
woman posing in the woods for sexy body positivity photoshoot.  Lovejoy Images and Positively Ourselves.
woman posing in mirror for sexy body positivity shoot.  Lovejoy Images and Positively Ourselves.
body positive silhouette in hotel window during boudoir shoot

We want the world to know that everyone is uniquely beautiful and that every body should be celebrated and photographed with love and respect.