Boudoir Meets Nostalgia

I love the contrast in pairing nostalgic beauty with the fun, confident expressions of today. Lovejoy Noir is my venture into the world of Boudoir and Nude Portraiture. It has taken me a while to find the right mix of ideals and techniques to capture beauty the way I see it and 2025 will be an exciting year. I think you're going to like my approach.

Much like how my wedding work is all about expression and personal truths, my Boudoir & Nude Portraiture is about baring one's vulnerable soul and basking in its radiant beauty. Most Boudoir businesses show you how beautiful you CAN be, by dolling you up inexpensive clothes and makeup but, my goal is to show you how beautiful you already ARE. It's a subtle difference but, to me, it's an important one.

The images below show that personal sexuality and expressions are as expressive and diverse as their creators. That's why all of my sessions are collaborations with my clients. I want their portraiture to be a true reflection of their inner voice.

My Boudoir & Nude Portraiture will aim to highlight your form with natural and complimentary lighting while allowing you plenty of room to feel silly and find acceptance in the shy beauty that is you.

Bodyscape in natural light Boudoir & Nude Portraiture by Lovejoy Images Chelan - Leavenworth - Chelan
posing in light before undressing Boudoir & Nude Portraiture by Lovejoy Images Chelan - Leavenworth - Chelan
woman posing in the woods for sexy body positivity photoshoot.  Lovejoy Images and Positively Ourselves.
Booty pic from Bridal Boudoir shoot Boudoir & Nude Portraiture by Lovejoy Images Chelan - Leavenworth - Chelan
sexy botty shoot featuring curves of her back and tattoos Boudoir & Nude Portraiture by Lovejoy Images Chelan - Leavenwo
naked and free Lovejoy Images Boudoir Photographer
Aly Lovejoy creator of the Positively Ourselves blog posing in beauty lingerie for body positive photoshoot
Beautiful hippy woman one-piece bodysuit lingerie posing with her hairy arm pits for body positivity

If you like being in control of your self-expression and enjoy the heart in my images please send an inquiry below.

*In 2025 there will also be a Bridal Boudoir program. I am currently shaping a workflow that allows portrait sessions, like those above, to happen during the "Getting Ready" stages of a wedding. It makes perfect sense. You'll already be done up and in a fantastic location. Why not take 30 minutes to capture something special? I'm actually thinking my first Bridal Boudoirs of 2025 will be complimentary. It should be fairly easy for those who hire me for 8 or more hours to fit this into their schedule. Still working on the logistics, obviously lol. Just thought I would share some behind-the-scenes info.