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Thank you for visiting my webpage!  My name is Brandon Lovejoy and I'm the photographer and owner of Lovejoy Images.  I specialize in Hybrid Wedding Photography.  "Hybrid" because I shoot on a mixture of digital and film.  There is such a romantic character to film that I can't help but turn to it every time I shoot a wedding.  My digital images are rendered to look like that of Fuji and/or Kodak professsional films (Fuji Pro-400 and Kodak Portra 400 for those that like film)

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have and I hope you enjoy my images.  There are a lot of photographers out there but luckily we all have our own style and finished products.  My images have lots of color and expression and tend to have underline themes of glee and honesty.  These themes will make your wedding album timeless and able to be re-lived for generations to come.   

Chelan Family Portraits

What better time to get a portrait session then when the whole family is in town!!! Lovejoy Images offers convenient on-site portrait photography that can shoot anywhere your family desires. No time limits and no additional fees for large families! This way we can all relax and get a nice photo of even the shyest of family members. As a father...
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Shanell Lockett

Shanell Lockett invited me to shoot with her prior to her modeling interview and it was a pleasure. She got signed and it’s no surprise when you see how natural and comfortable she is in front of the camera. Some require coaching while others take the reigns and with Shanell I got to simply sit back and snap away. Best of luck and much success Sha...
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Spokane Models

Sometimes you just want to shoot some urban fashion with a couple of local models! If you’re looking for a photographer in Spokane, WA then send an inquiry below! [contact-form]
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Chelan Indian Wedding

This was my final wedding for the 2017 season in Chelan and I just absolutely loved it! These two were kind and wonderful people that I would photograph again and again! They reminded me, since starting this little business of mine I’ve come to realize that love and family are the most important things in the world. I get the pleasure of seeing...
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’18 Senior Portraits

This was a fun Senior Portrait session back in August. We shot in three different locations in Chelan, Washington and ran through three outfits! That’s one of the best things about senior sessions, their enthusiastic, energetic, can-do attitude. Ideas are always welcome and creativity is free flowing! Senior smile If you’re looking for a photograp...
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