Planning a Spokane Wedding?

I just wanted to take a few minute to share some resources with you. I recently partnered up with the good people at

Promise Garden Pasco, WA

This is a wonderful wedding planning resource that covers everything you need to know and everything you need to do next.

Hiring the right people is insanely important. The wedding industry is overflowing with talent at all price points. So in my opinion there’s no need to worry about the quality of images you’ll receive because they are going to be great.

The big thing, at least in my book, is that you pick someone you TRUST.

Do you trust the people you’ve hired? Does the Bridal Shop endorse the photographers you’ve been looking at? Are their reviews rock solid? You really only get one chance at this and it’s important you choose those that will respect your wedding and give you the attention you need.

Below is a wonderful video by the talented Jamie Windsor. His Youtube channel has been a great resource of mine for a while now and this video fully lays out what goes into wedding photography pricing.

I’ll do my best to tack on some better and more useful information as I can but for now just remember two things. Stay in your budget and find someone that shows you respect.

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