Pasco, Wa Wedding at Promise Garden

This wedding was super fun and I absolutely love the color palate! Blue and yellow make such a great combination. This wedding took place at Promise Garden in Pasco, WA. I’ve never been to this location before and I can’t wait to go back. It was a perfect outdoor setup. If you are thinking of a wedding in that area give this place a look and see what you think

kiss at Promise Garden

As a traveling wedding photographer, I get to visit so many cool wedding venues. The downside to this is that I am arriving on the day to a location I’ve never been to. I have to improv and be quick on my feet. Light changes constantly making location scouting very difficult because what looks good before the ceremony might look awful when we do the portraits after the service. This is where Promise Garden comes in. This place had such a well thought out design. Promise Garden’s layout appealed to all wedding interests and could have given me almost any photo I could think of. I chose to use this place for both high-end bridal portraits and fun group portraits.

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Wedding Portraits

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