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Thank you for visiting my webpage!  My name is Brandon Lovejoy and I'm the photographer and owner of Lovejoy Images.  I specialize in Hybrid Wedding Photography.  "Hybrid" because I shoot on a mixture of digital and film.  There is such a romantic character to film that I can't help but turn to it every time I shoot a wedding.  My digital images are rendered to look like that of Fuji and/or Kodak professsional films (Fuji Pro-400 and Kodak Portra 400 for those that like film)

Please reach out to me with any questions you may have and I hope you enjoy my images.  There are a lot of photographers out there but luckily we all have our own style and finished products.  My images have lots of color and expression and tend to have underline themes of glee and honesty.  These themes will make your wedding album timeless and able to be re-lived for generations to come.   

Lovejoy Images Family Portraits

What better time to get a portrait session then when the whole family is in town!!! L ovejoy Images offers convenient on-site portrait photography that can shoot anywhere your family desires. No time limits and no additional fees for large families! This way we can all relax and get a nice photo of even the shyest of family members. As a father...
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Why you should upgrade your camera

This is a great article from Mastin Labs. There is a term out there call G.A.S. Gear Acquisition Syndrome and man do I have that! lol I have to stop myself sometimes because we get caught up in all the sexy tech that we forget NatGeo was capturing amazing images with first generation digital cameras that might as well be sticks compared to the came...
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10 Steps To Finding a Wedding Photographer

I came across a helpful article from The Knot today. It's a comprehensive walk-through on how to pick your wedding photographer. If you're still on the fence about who you should choose, then maybe this will help. The Knot is a great resource for all your wedding planning needs. If you have any questions for me I will be more than happy to help!...
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Bryan & Brittany in Chelan, Wa

What a wedding!! These two couldn’t have been more excited for this day. Their wedding was a grand spectacle; all their friends and family, both near a far, coming to join in the celebration. This catalog really shines from the look of Fuji Pro 400, a personal favorite or mine. Each image looks like a still from a classic romance movie. T...
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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography has always been one of my favorite occasions to capture. There is no way to anticipate all the beautifully chaotic randomness that happens on the one day nothing can go wrong. However, it's in this chaos that I find the best images! This wedding season started off in sunny Chelan and my god what a beautiful we...
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