Lovejoy Images: Blog en-us (C) Lovejoy Images (Lovejoy Images) Fri, 15 Jun 2018 03:01:00 GMT Fri, 15 Jun 2018 03:01:00 GMT Lovejoy Images: Blog 120 79 Wedding Photography Wedding Photography has always been one of my favorite occasions to capture.  There is no way to anticipate all the beautifully chaotic randomness that happens on the one day nothing can go wrong.  However, it's in this chaos that I find the best images! 


193F5F0D-1A78-4573-957A-3D7827B4DCF5Wedding Photography Chelan Bouquet

IMG_1218Wedding PhotographyChelan, wa IMG_1218Wedding PhotographyChelan, wa


94842479-5F7E-4684-897D-FAA549EC8544Chelan Wedding Photography Crystal & Shane

067F8560-74D0-48F2-B7A1-E4FF3EF33639Wedding PhotoghrapherChelan, WA LJI_5870Family GatheringsChelan wedding

067F8560-74D0-48F2-B7A1-E4FF3EF33639Wedding PhotoghrapherChelan, WA 067F8560-74D0-48F2-B7A1-E4FF3EF33639Wedding PhotoghrapherChelan, WA 067F8560-74D0-48F2-B7A1-E4FF3EF33639Wedding PhotoghrapherChelan, WA 067F8560-74D0-48F2-B7A1-E4FF3EF33639Wedding PhotoghrapherChelan, WA



This wedding season started off in sunny Chelan and my god what a beautiful wedding it was!  Being a wedding photographer that travels has allowed me to shoot in some breath taking locations.  This wedding was lakeside at the Chelan Boat club just outside Manson, WA and for those of you that have not made the trip to Chelan before, I say get in the car and go this weekend!!

If you'd like for Lovejoy Images to photograph your wedding please reach out to me for a consultation!



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Headshots in Spokane, WA Getting professional headshots has never been so easy!  With my mobile studio we can create the perfect dynamic headshot in almost any location!!


My headshots are all about the client’s expression and individuality.  Let your true self shine in a personalized session designed to showcase your natural self




All images will be fully edited, cropped and rendered for 8×10 print.  I have a working relationship with Spokane’s premier talent agencies Big Fish Talent NW and MAM.  You can rest assured that your representation will receive the highest quality images fitting their needs exactly.

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If you’d like a personalized colorful headshot then send me an inquiry below!

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The Bowl & Pitcher _LJP7005_stitchljp7005_stitch


Not long ago I got to spend a snowy rainy afternoon with a lovely couple and their two dogs.

These two were my official introduction to the Spokane community and if they are anything like the rest of this city then I know we picked the right place to live.


This was also my first time to see Spokane’s Bowl & Pitcher park.  It’s an epic site to see and full of trails!


ljp7096 ljp7124 ljp7151 ljp6974 ljp7126 ljp7053 ljp7001 ljp7066 ljp7073 ljp7005 ljp7060 ljp6977 ljp7085



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Chelan Family Portraits 2018 _LJP5872ljp5872

It’s 2018 and man I am excited for all the sessions coming this year.  Not to brag or anything but it’s only January and I’m already filling up!


I wanted to share with you my first portrait session of 2018.  My favorite element of a family session is the family themselves.  It it always such a joy to witness families getting together.



The welcome I got from this group was the prefect comfort for such a snowy day.  They welcomed me into their gorgeous home, stay in school kids!, and were a fun bunch that was up for everything we could think of.

ljp5911 ljp6048 ljp6120 ljp5945 ljp6138 ljp5959 ljp6066 ljp5934 ljp6097

If you would like to capture your family’s vacation or simply want to update your family album please contact me below.


Chelan Family Portraits

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…After All These Years So, when I do a family portrait session I like to break up the group and do some shots of everyone individually, or at least little sub-groups. My favorite is when I can get two parents together that still have the spark in their eyes. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting couples from newly weds to ones celebrating their 50th anniversary! It’s so refreshing and inspiring to witness what true love looks like. This is what photography was made for.



ljp7890 ljp7928 ljp9568 13 ljp6785 ljp7960 111 ljp7499 ljp5679 0006_24640015 ljp9564 22 ljp7564


If you’d like to celebrate your love for one another please send an inquiry below! Sessions can be gifted just in time for the holidays!

And don’t forget that Valentine’s day is not far off , a Boudoir session makes for a lovely surprise your partner will never forget!


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Chelan Family Portraits What better time to get a portrait session then when the whole family is in town!!!


Lovejoy Images offers convenient on-site portrait photography that can shoot anywhere your family desires.

No time limits and no additional fees for large families! This way we can all relax and get a nice photo of even the shyest of family members. As a father of two little ones myself I am very accustomed to waiting for the right moment which is why I don’t put time limits on my session. I want you and your whole family to enjoy themselves since, after all, you’re all on vacation.


Please submit an inquiry below if you’d like to discuss a family session for your next visit! Families big and small are all welcome!

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Shanell Lockett Shanell Lockett invited me to shoot with her prior to her modeling interview and it was a pleasure.  She got signed and it’s no surprise when you see how natural and comfortable she is in front of the camera.  Some require coaching while others take the reigns and with Shanell I got to simply sit back and snap away.

Best of luck and much success Shanell! Thanks for letting me hang out.


ljp5078 ljp5067 ljp5167 ljp5046 ljp5131 ljp5049 ljp5204 ljp5159


If you’d like to beef up your portfolio or simply treat yourself to some pampering please submit an inquiry below and we can begin making some beautiful images!

Spokane Models


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Spokane Models Sometimes you just want to shoot some urban fashion with a couple of local models!



ljp4447 ljp4510_stitch ljp4469 ljp4454 ljp4709 ljp4910 ljp4439 ljp4905 ljp4428 ljp4674 ljp4781 ljp4718


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Chelan Indian Wedding _LJP3798ljp3798-1

This was my final wedding for the 2017 season in Chelan and I just absolutely loved it! These two were kind and wonderful people that I would photograph again and again!

They reminded me, since starting this little business of mine I’ve come to realize that love and family are the most important things in the world.


I get the pleasure of seeing strangers and friends get married in front of me and it’s something that has made my life better if only for the fact that in each person’s eye, at some point, when the camera isn’t on them, or so they think, there is a moment of pure happiness and love. That gaze that I’ve become so fond of, casts a look of openness and eager surrender that quietly speaks the magnitude of their journey and to see that first hand is something wonderful.

A reminder that even when our world is in uproar the quietest act of love can deafen all shouts of anger.



ljp3927 ljp3444 ljp3908 ljp3859 ljp3665-1 ljp3848 wedding ljp3882 ljp3478 ljp3553-1 ljp3971 ljp3812 ljp3675-1 ljp3954 ljp3409-1 ljp3902 ljp3458-1 ljp3961 ljp3698 ljp3716 ljp3376-1 ljp3681-1 ljp3474-1 ljp3926 ljp3624-1 ljp3359-1 ljp3349-1 ljp3896 ljp3394-1 ljp3867

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September Wedding


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’18 Senior Portraits This was a fun Senior Portrait session back in August. We shot in three different locations in Chelan, Washington and ran through three outfits! That’s one of the best things about senior sessions, their enthusiastic, energetic, can-do attitude. Ideas are always welcome and creativity is free flowing!

Senior portraitwp-image-540436086
Senior smile
ljp0323 ljp0403 ljp0173 ljp0348 ljp0289 ljp0242 ljp0203 ljp0224 ljp0372 ljp0327 ljp0343 ljp0315 ljp0400 ljp0292 ljp0373

If you’re looking for a photographer in Chelan or Spokane, WA then send an inquiry below!

Lovejoy Photography will work with you to create your perfect Senior Pictures.

Lauren & Trevor in Chelan


Studio Shoot

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September Wedding Earlier this month I got to shoot a wedding in my old stomping grounds Okanogan, WA. The bride and groom were two former co-workers of mine that I hadn’t seen in awhile and it was an absolute delight to not only hangout with them again but to see them in such a state of bliss, jitters and overwhelming happiness.


These two had been wanting to tie the knot for so long. They had contacted earlier in the year and I could tell this wedding never left the forefront of their minds.


As a photographer, I always feel pressure when capturing a wedding. There’s a lot to cover and even more that could go wrong. However, sometimes you get the privilege of working with individuals that simply radiate patience, trust and understanding. Matt & Kayla have a way of calming those around them. I was lucky enough to be by their side and I feel it translated into these images.

I may have taken the photos but, in so many ways, they captured the moment.

ljp2348 ljp2236 ljp2562 ljp2515 ljp2212 ljp2566 ljp2612 ljp2072 ljp2331 ljp2133 ljp2182 ljp2494 ljp2607 ljp2187 ljp2169 ljp2207 ljp2354 ljp2075 ljp2093 ljp2125 ljp2414 ljp2232 ljp2482 ljp2674 ljp2297 ljp2250 ljp2513 ljp2147 ljp2627 ljp2101 ljp2192 ljp2398 ljp2107

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